Offering grants to organizations that improve the health and well-being of Canton residents, for over 50 years.

Grants and Scholarships Awarded for 2019

June 6, 2018

On June 5, 2019, the Canton Community Health Fund (CCHF) awarded $28,500 to projects that promote the health

Ann Bryan CCHF and Cherry Brook Primary School Teachers

and well-being of Canton residents. CCHF also provided $1,000 scholarships to four Canton high school seniors pursuing careers in a health-related field. CCHF’s soundfinancial stewardship has resulted in the ability to continue to donate substantial funds to the community this year. CCHF has given 5 percent of the value of its fund annually for over 50 years.

This year’s seventeen recipients, including 7 classrooms at Cherry Brook Primary School,  represent initiatives that benefit everyone from Canton’s youth to seniors with grants ranging from $300 – $4,000. “We are so pleased to be able to continue this wonderful tradition of support for so many worthy efforts in our town,” says Ann Bryan, Chair of CCHF.

The Canton Food and Fuels Banks both received awards to continue their efforts to support individuals and families in need. Focus on Canton’s grant will help provide temporary financial assistance for Canton families in need.

Ann Bryan CCHF and Mike Langer, Canton Fuel Bank

Sue Gannon Focus on Canton, Sue Casey CCHF and Lorinda Pane Focus on Canton

Ann Bryan CCHF, Pat Lazauski and Karen Adajian Canton Food Bank


This year CCHF awarded the Canton Fire and EMS department a grant for

Sue Casey CCHF and Officer Schiffer Canton Police Department

emergency personal protective equipment. Also funded was a request from the Canton Police Department portable Stop Signs to be used during power outages to assist with traffic safety.

A grant for FAVARH was approved for AED equipment in the Canton facility and Special Olympics received a grant to fund 3 Canton athletes participation in local events.

Ann Bryan CCHF and Amanda Conrad FAVARH

CCHF also approved a grant for the Canton Dog Park to support the community

The Canton High School Substance Free Graduation party and the SpiritHorse Therapeutic Riding Center also received grants.

The four Canton seniors pursuing an education in a health-related field who were awarded the Dr. Diters Scholarship are Madeline Archangelo, Rachel Ausere, Sydney Perks and Angela Todd. The scholarship was named after Dr. Diters, a beloved family physician who practiced medicine in Canton for many years.

CCHF is a private, nonprofit foundation run by an all-volunteer board of Canton residents. Founded over 50 years ago, CCHF’s original funds came from generous donations from Canton residents to the Canton VNA. When that organization merged with McLean in 1997, a fund was established to ensure those donations stayed in Canton to benefit Canton residents.

CCHF welcomes any organization that improves the health and well-being of Canton residents to apply for funding by completing a simple online application. Canton high school seniors can apply for the annual Dr. Diters scholarship through the Canton High School guidance office.

To apply for a grant or scholarship, see past recipients, make a donation or join the CCHF board, visit

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