Offering grants to organizations that improve the health and well-being of Canton residents, for over 50 years.

2020 CCHF Grant Awards & Scholarships

This was a particularly challenging year for people worldwide, in our nation and in our community. Despite the financial impact of the pandemic reducing our level of funding, we were still able to provide $25,000 in grants and scholarships of $1000 to each of three Canton High School Seniors. In addition, a generous donation of $500 from Fierston Financial Group was directly allocated to the Canton Food Bank. The Canton Community Health Fund members wanted to ensure we made the best possible impact with our available funds in supporting our residents, so in some cases we awarded grants higher than what was requested.

Grant recipients this year included the Canton Food and Fuel Banks, and Focus on Canton which directly support the financial and food security of residents. In addition, a grant was made to the Canton Police Department for AED equipment for one of the cruisers. CCHF also continued to support the Cherry Brook Primary School’s healthy snack program and the High School Drug Free graduation party. While both programs may be impacted by how school sessions will take place we hope that our students will be able to ultimately benefit from these efforts.

Other programs that support Canton residents were the Spirited Horse Therapeutic Riding Center, Special Olympics and FAVARH located in Canton.

Our three Dr. Diters Scholarship recipients were: Julia Langou, Emma Love and Brandon LaClair . We wish them great success as they pursue careers in health related fields.

Due to the pandemic we were not able to have an awards ceremony this year. We want to congratulate all the grant recipients and thank them for their incredible efforts to support the residents of Canton!

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