Offering grants to organizations that improve the health, safety and well-being of Canton residents, for over 25 years.

Our History


Canton Community Health Fund, Inc’s Mission dates back to 1918, when the Visiting Nurses Association began championing the health, safety and well-being of local communities. Thus, Canton Visiting Nurses Association, Inc. (CVNA), became our community’s primary skilled home care, social service and health agency.

The community’s deep appreciation for CVNA’s professionalism, compassion and expertise resulted in the creation of a Memorial Fund, to collect the many financial donations that were received.


Canton Public Health Service Scholarship Established

In 1968, CVNA established the ‘Canton Public Health Service’  (CPHS) scholarship for graduating Canton High School students pursuing further education in public health.


Dr Diters Scholarship Established

Edward Nelson Diters was a WWII Air Force and Army veteran.  He was also Canton’s beloved family doctor for over 40 years and a strong advocate for the CVNA.  At his retirement dinner,  $8,300.00 in donations were collected.  This seed money was used to create a new ‘Dr. Diters Scholarship Fund,’ pledged specifically to Canton residents pursuing an education in any health related field.


Dr. Diters-CPHS Scholarships Merged

The CVNA Board voted to combine the CPHS and Dr Diters Scholarship Funds.  As the two Funds focused on separate audiences, a stipulation was made to designate a specific portion of funding for Canton High School graduates, with another separate distribution for individual Canton residents.


The first Dr. Diters Scholarship, for $500.00, was awarded to Canton High School senior Nancy A. MacLaurin. Dr. MacLaurin is now a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist in North Carolina.


Canton Community Health Fund, Inc. Founded

By 1992, the Town of Canton had begun transitioning its senior services to in-house programming, while still funding CVNA’s community health and wellness initiatives. CVNA, meanwhile, began to focus on third party reimbursement for their home care operation.  By 1997, with Medicare funding and home care staffing needs growing, CVNA made a strategic decision to partner with a larger home care organization. On June 27, 1997, CVNA entered into an agreement to merge with long time community partner, McLean Visiting Nurses and Community Services.

In acknowledgement and appreciation of the Canton community’s past donor generosity,  the newly merged business partners carved out the Dr. Diters and CPHS Scholarships and founded a new, separate entity on December 30, 1997 –  the Canton Community Health Fund, Inc (CCHF). Since that day, CCHF has continued its historic legacy to develop, support and engage in educational initiatives and other activities that promote the health, safety and well-being of all Canton residents.


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