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Dr. Diters Legacy Scholarship Application: Available to Canton High School graduating Seniors pursuing further education in health related or public service/safety fields. 

In 1989, the community gathered to celebrate Dr. Edward Nelson Diters on the occasion of his retirement, after over 40 years of dedicated service as Canton’s family doctor. In his honor, the community generously donated the initial funding to create the Dr. Diters Legacy Scholarship.

Today, Canton Community Health Fund, Inc. continues to honor the work of Dr. Diters by providing Scholarships to graduating Canton High School students pursuing a future in health-related or public service/safety fields through further education, training or certification.

 Application Season runs from March 1, 2024 – April 30, 2024.


1. I am a current Canton High School Senior*



2. First Name*

3. Last Name*

4. Address*

5. Phone #*

6. Email*

FAMILY INFORMATION (if you qualify as a dependent)

7. Name(s) of Parent/Guardian*

8. Parent/Guardian Contact Information*


9. Vocation/Career Plans*

10. Certification/Major/Concentration/Field of Study*

11. Name(s) of College/Vocational School/Certification Program Accepted*

12. Name of School/Program Attending*



13. Personal Savings*

14. Part/Full-Time Employer/Position*

15. Annual Income from Employment*

16. Scholarships (already awarded)*

17. Other Contributions (including from parents/family)*

18. Total $*

19. FAFSA Filed?*

20. Estimated Expenses (tuition, room/board, fees, books, etc.)*

21. Total $*


22. Current GPA*

23. Healthcare, Public Safety/Service-Related Coursework*

24. Noteworthy Academic Accomplishments*

25. Noteworthy Academic Challenges*


26. Please list community organizations you have participated in during the past 24 months*


27. Please list the name(s) of award(s)/honor(s) you earned and dates(s) received*


28. Why are you a strong candidate for the Dr. Diters Legacy Scholarship?*

29. Use this space to describe any personal or extenuating circumstances that you feel warrant consideration.


30. By submitting this application for a Dr. Diters Scholarship, you certify that all information provided herein is true and accurate.

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